A Pagan Library for the San Francisco Bay Area
Adapted from a mosaic near the Fort of Qaitbay, Alexandria, Egypt.
Don Frew catalogs books at the Adocentyn Research Library

Don Frew catalogs books at the Adocentyn Research Library.

What is the Adocentyn Research Library?

The Adocentyn Research Library is an on-site use only, multi-cultural, and inter-religious library serving the East Bay and the world. Founded in 2011, we are a California Nonprofit Public Benefit 501(c)(3) corporation.

The purpose of the Adocentyn Research Library is to collect, archive, preserve, and make available information related to Paganism—understood as all Indigenous, tribal, polytheistic, Nature-based, and Earth-centered religions, spiritualities, beliefs, practices, and cultures around the world and throughout human history. This includes a broad range of information on Pagan diversity, history, beliefs, adherents, organizations, and many related areas of study for use by researchers, scholars, and the general public.

Our catalog of the over 17,000 books on our shelves is available to the general public online.

We welcome donations of books, periodicals, ephemera, and funds! Contributions to us are tax deductible.

If you are interested in being involved or learning more, contact us at info@adocentynlibrary.org.

Why “Adocentyn”?

When we were considering names for our Pagan library, of course “Alexandria” came to mind, as it does for almost all Western Pagans when they think of “Pagan” and “library”, but there are already several existing libraries named after that famous repository of wisdom.

Then inspiration struck…

In the Hermetic dialogue called the Asclepius, Hermes Trismegistus prophesied that a time would come when the people would no longer worship Nature as a manifestation of the Divine and that the Gods would withdraw from Egypt to dwell in a city “to the furthest west from Egypt”, leaving mankind to “the tyranny of the angels”. Eventually, Hermes promised, the Gods would venture out into the world again from this city, restoring the worship of Nature and the old wisdom.

The Picatrix identifies this city as “the City of Hermes” and names it “Adocentyn”, based on the Latin ad occidentem or “to the West”.

Well, San Francisco is about as far west from Egypt as you can get… and we even already have our own pyramid. 😉

Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco

Conveniently located in one of the largest Pagan communities on Earth, ARL is an hour or less away from three major cities—San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose—in the SF Bay Area’s East Bay. We are in a neighborhood full of restaurants & cafes, easily accessed by public transport, and near two major universities—UC Berkeley & the Graduate Theological Union.

Hours of Operation

We’re now open Thursday from 4 to 8pm and Sunday afternoons!
We are also open by appointment and on the monthly volunteer days.
For the next few months, we’re waiving use fees.
Contact us at our email: info@adocentynlibrary.org.
Check back for updates.

  1. 4:00pm to 8:00pm

  2. Noon to 6:00pm

  3. By Appointment

Volunteer Cataloging Hours

  1. Noon to 6:00pm

  2. Noon to 6:00pm

  3. Noon to 6:00pm

Visitor to Adocentyn

One Day Use — No Stack Access

$5 donation requested

Scholar of Adocentyn

Multi Day Use — Stack Access

Copy of Student Photo ID

$30 subscription requested

Citizen of Adocentyn

Multi Day Use — Stack Access

Copy of Photo ID

$60 subscription requested

Patron of Adocentyn

Multi Day Use — Stack Access

Copy of Photo ID

$120 subscription requested

Please support the Adocentyn Research Library as we expand into the space next door! We need new shelves, furnishings, and help with the rent.

Library Membership

Board of Directors

  • Board Member Gus diZerega

    Gus diZerega

  • Board Member Rowan Fairgrove

    Rowan Fairgrove

  • Board Member Don Frew

    Don Frew

  • Board Member Anna Korn

    Anna Korn

  • Board Member Diana Paxson

    Diana Paxson

  • Board Member Glenn Turner

    Glenn Turner

Letters of Support right click to read a letter

  • Letter of Support: Graduate Theological Union — Riess Potterveld
  • Letter of Support: Interfaith Center at the Presidio — Linda Crawford
  • Letter of Support: Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County — Will McGarvey
  • Letter of Support: The Interfaith Observer — Paul Chaffee
  • Letter of Support: United Religions Initiative — Victor Kazanjian